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Satsang Schedule

SatSang means "company of the Truth" in Sanskrit. Sat means Truth and Sang means company. What is Truth? That which doesn't change is Truth. From that perspective we can look at this world, our selves even and everything we do and evaluate what is Truth. Why is it relevant? Because everything that is not Truth eventually falls off, and causes misery. Why? Since we believe they are permanent. If we know the art of "letting go", our lives are peaceful.

For the upcoming weeks we would be having a Knowledge Series focused on Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's commentaries on The Upanishads. The Upanishads are ancient Indian texts that dates back between 700 and 500 bce. However the teachings in these texts are relevant for the modern day spiritual Seeker.

When? Every Sunday from 10-11 AM CST


The Satsang format is as below:

1. Recommended - listen to the Chapter as per schedule below before the session. Download the "Art of Living" App from Apple store or Google play

2. In the session we will provide a general summary of the Chapter for those who could not listen in, and then spend time on Q&A


5th June onwards - Kena Upanishad

5th June: Kena Upanishad : Introduction (28 mins to listen in prior to session

12th June: Kena Upanishad : Opening yourself to the Unknown (29 mins)

19th June: Self Discovery (31 minutes)

26th June: The World of Immortality (28 minutes)

10th July: The Fourth Dimension (33 minutes)

17th July: Experiencing Infinity (29 minutes)

24th July: The Universe Unveiled (24 minutes)

31st July: Beyond Miracles (37 minutes)

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