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One more Self-Transformation idea, NOT

These days the internet and social media are loaded with great advises on how one should conduct oneself. "Be peaceful", "happiness is your natural right" or even "meditate"! These are great, and the fact that there is greater awareness towards the importance of mind and emotions and the part they play in shaping a human character, is very gratifying. But the BIG question is "HOW" - isn't it?

HOW do you not feel envious or

HOW do you not let desires consume you or

HOW do you let go of that cigarette or drinking habit or

HOW do you forget someone, let alone forgive them

How? How? How?

In fact our entire lives people have told us the "what" - in terms of "do this" or "do that" but no one has ever taught us "how". Maybe because they themselves didn't know. Unless we know the "how", just reading a whole lot of "good stuff" doesn't make any material impact on our life. Would you agree?

How? Lets look at this. Its not only people in our lives that has told us what to do, we ourselves have also tried to tell our own mind, haven't we? "Come on, what am I doing? How can I be so stupid? I have to stop doing ....this....and this....and this...." We all have done this and failed. Do you know why? Because from the level of the mind we CANNOT control the mind.This will rarely work. And we know it, for we have tried it a million times. It doesn't deliver. To make it worse, this starts an endless battle in the mind in terms of "how one should be" and "how one IS" ...and we feel we a humongous amount of stress just battling through this struggle. It just becomes worse.

So then, what is the solution? The Solution is to use a "tool" that has access to the mind.....and yet is more tangible than the mind. And that tool is "breath". Breath has great secrets, great wealth, to offer and its "right under your nose". Using the breath one can get access to the mind, and make "real" and "long lasting" changes to one's quality of life. This is possible, in today's life with as little as 30 minutes a day or less of investment. And from there, slowly one realizes how to deal with mind and emotions. A tremendous amount of clarity dawns in life, and what one never thought possible, becomes a living reality!

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