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Dealing with the Mind

We all know that our own mind causes us a lot of pain and suffering, yet a lot of us are unable to take meaningful actions. Have you ever wondered why?

Here are some perspectives:

1. The Mind is not one thing but a bundle of several dimensions - let's reflect on this for a minute

In your mind thoughts come (yes ALL THE TIME) and so does emotions (but not so often) and memories from the past. These are NOT THE SAME in nature but very distinct entities. Have you ever observed this?

Also see, in our mind another dimension that also plays is the intellect that tells us right from wrong...the fact is we generally do not get enough guidance to understand deeply these different dimensions of the mind and what we do not understand we cannot control

2. The Mind can take on different personalities and forms

Consider this - you have an old crush and you get a thought one fine day (or a "not so fine" day) that you should give him/her a call or send a text. Your MIND says "yeah it makes sense"....after know...Long story short, you made that call and it turned out to be terrible and you feel regret, the same MIND then says "were you out of your MIND?"

Sounds familiar?

The SAME MIND that wants you to do something might oppose that very thing the next moment

3. Its changing ALL THE TIME

Several dimensions or entities can spring up in the mind, all simultaneously or in sequence - a thought, an emotion, a memory....and it is ALWAYS's like a ball of energy which never depletes ....and we do not know how to be NOT BE ENGAGED with this "mind stuff"

4. You CANNOT control the MIND from the MIND

Why new year resolutions seldom work is because we try to "plant a thought" in the mind to "work against another thought" e.g. the thought "I love smoking" is in the mind and the new year resolution lets say is "I want to quit"

So what are you doing?

You are planting a "I want to quit smoking" thought and you want that thought to fight and win against the "I love smoking" thought ...

How will this work? Its two forces at the same level...


GAIN A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of the inner mechanisms of your life. It has to be EXPERIENTIAL because any theoretical knowledge is again more thoughts. That is why people have libraries of "self help" books but often that

doesn't help a lot towards meaningful transformation.

The second thing is to REALIZE you are NOT YOUR MIND, your presence is subtler that the mind itself.

AHA! What does that do? That gives you a more powerful force than the mind to deal with the mind.

HOW is it so? Because REALIZE my friend, in our BEING whatever is subtler is more powerful!!!

So essentially SPIRITUAL knowledge is not information, it is what enhances the quality of our consciousness. And when truly pursued can TOTALLY transform the quality of our life

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

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