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For a Meditator

A Meditator is a person who meditates, if that is not intuitive enough I think this word does not (yet) exist in the dictionary but soon will. As you start to meditate you might wonder about a few things. Here is an attempt to share from my experience some answers to questions you might have

  1. Why am I doing this?

​Is this something you are thinking about or are you fairly clear? If you are clear then that is good. If you are not, then here are a few to choose from:

  1. Get a deep relaxation

  2. Unwind and reduce or eliminate stress

  3. Get good sleep

  4. Get better control on your thoughts and emotions

  5. Get over depression

  6. Understand who I am, Self Discovery

  7. Am I doing it right? This could be another question that might come up in your mind. How do you know its working? Now here you might have to be a bit patient. Meditation is a deep technique that changes the fundamental way your inner mechanisms work. And since we each are so different, the effect of meditation might take varying time to manifest in each. So best is to not compare. Be with your experience and check with a Teacher if you have doubts. Some of the signs that you are progressing might be as below, but again I will caution you that these might not happen overnight or could be different for you from what is listed:

  8. Your sleep has improved

  9. You feel rested much better and have more energy

  10. Your thoughts do not bother you so much anymore

  11. You have better clarity on your thoughts

  12. Your intuition is becoming better

If you think it is not working for you, talk to your Teacher. You might need a different kind of meditation to get you started.

3. How do I go deeper into this? This might be something your mind will wonder on. There is no need to rush, if it is working for you keep doing what you are doing. It is very important to be consistent. Whatever happens do NOT stop the practice. As you keep practicing it will become clear to you on what steps you need to take to go deeper. One thing I recommend you have clarity on, is, why do you want to go deeper and what does it mean for you? Talk to your Teacher and ponder on the question. Be very happy that the question has arisen for many do not get this question. For most people, improved sleep, rest and an improved body-mind mechanism is enough

4. Is there a destination?

​This could be one question, but not for everyone. Where does this take me to, eventually? Is there a goal or I just keep meditating my whole life? Well, its a very personal answer. Meditation to me is like an ocean as my Teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says. The ocean is there, offering itself to everyone. Some choose to go and play on the beach, some choose to wet their feet and some others might go for a swim. Some wants to fish from the ocean and yet some wants to dive deep and go looking for pearls and jewels. The ocean is not bothered, it is just there. You decide, what you want to get. Same is Meditation – you can use meditation for health and wellness, nothing wrong with it. And if you want you can use it to dive into the very depth of your Being and inquire “who am I and what am I here for?” That is also a possibility. It is up to you – there are no right or wrong choices.

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