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Why we started Frisco Meditation Club

Dear One, A very WARM WELCOME on this Page which is all about YOU!

The Frisco Meditation club started as a meetup group in 2017. We still have our meetup group which is 350 strong and growing. I started this, my name is Dipanjan Das and you can find my professional profile here on LinkedIn :

I understand that in today's world where everyone is getting chased by a 1000 companies trying to market their product and services, it is tough for an individual to figure out who is authentic and who is not. That is why I think it is important you know that I am not a robot or not trying to scam you. At least, this is a start. I realize building trust takes time and I appreciate that.

So my profession is that of a consultant. I am married to a wonderful woman who lets me work as hard as I have to AND lets me spend immaculate hours on my classes, my workshops on meditation and my efforts to help other people. If she was not there, none of these would have happened😎 I have a 12 year old that goes to middle school (oh those days)

Why this initiative and how does this work? Lets get to the chase.

Now I learnt meditation about 8 years back when I was on an inflection point in life. I had everything but had nothing - meaning I felt very "unfulfilled" ALL THE TIME and I would chase every single thing for a little bit of happiness - from a cigarette to a good meal to anything and everything. And yet all of these left me wanting more. As I started meditating, I found a tremendous amount of REST. That was the beginning, as I continued it started giving me huge amount of clarity on the science of the inner world. My life started changing, I started changing - becoming more sensitive yet strong, more vibrant yet rested, more curious yet peaceful. I was hungry for more of this - so I deeply observed and learnt from the current spiritual Masters of non-duality, ZEN, Advaitha etc. I do not want to say I am enlightened or anything but I am at a place where I can help. In 2017 I took a course to become a Meditation Teacher and that gave me more tools and ways to help others.

So this Center is here to help you. It is relatively new, and a lot of our content is online. Our goal is to help you transform. Meditation is a key tool we use BUT that is not all. We use deep learning from the ancient teachings of the east to provide complete transformation help. Meditation helps one go deep, get rest and clarity. Combine that with perspectives from thousands of years ago that uncovers how the mind and emotions and energy work and you have all you need to make a change in your life. Only one is not enough.

Thank you for reading and I hope to meet you in one of our workshops. Feel free to message me if you want at either or; also read our Page for more details on what is needed to begin a Self Transformation journey.

Welcome friend. You have arrived at a good place. May we walk together on a path that leads to happiness, success and your full potential - that is our objective, goal and prayer. The Universe is with us 😍🙂

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